Another round has started…  i show you some of the amazing outfits, as always the price range is 77 till 99 L$..  you can get them at the MyShoppingBag location ( slurl, in the Designer Index)…   as i cant show you all the stuff, take a look at the official blog

First, lets have a look at a sexy dress from + Silhouette +  i added the jewelery set from *JD*to complete the look.

and here is a close up, to show you the beautiful necklace and headpiece

Ok..  another designer this week, as almost every week is FA Creations…  take a look

Alright here comes a dress in a color i usual wear like NEVER..  but this one looks cute anyhow, the designer is called [SE*Designz]

A looong list today…  here comes another outfit.. or should i say.. a little nothing.. this dress barely hides your sweets 😉

Its from (Hot Mood)

Woooot…  one is left and than we are done…  OMG…  i never had so much pics in one post 🙂

This face tat is from {PHRESH}, it is tintable…  so you can wear it with every outfit you want…   but beware, if you are using a viewer version without tattoo layer, it will not work..

All the stuff can be found at the MyShopingBag location…   slurl in the Designer Index 😉

For any questions, please feel free to IM me inworld



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