Askara goes Kitty Kitty

Hey hey…  here i am again lol

This time i changed myself to a kitty…  i came across this awesome kitty styles from …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::…

There are a few gifts beside the new release i want to show you. The *B.D.R* Group has 6k members now and the designer put out a special edition, beside this one there is a *Thank you* gift, thats sooo cute, the designer wants to thank all the costumers for the support 🙂 AND there is the monthly Group Gift for May.

All awesome kitty style…

AND NOW…  here comes the new release…  kitty outfit as well…  i’m in love with it… i know i say that every second outfit… but THIS TIME…  i really love it…  😉

and as we are talking about kittys…  my hubby showed me a video at youtube…  thats sooo funny…  if you have a cat like we have, you really have to take a look at it…   and take a look at the other stuff from this funny guy and his cat 🙂


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