Snowfight time!!!

Hi everyone, i spend some time online with my hubby and we started a snowfight… wooot…  the weather forecase says its going really cold the next days and i love snow!!

But back to sl, here is a picture of the fight and guess who is the lucky winner 😉

Snow Fight

And here a better shot of the outfits we are wearing 🙂

[SAKIDE] snow outfits


styling card:

On Askara:

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Eleonor ] – [ -Son of Flowers  ] group gift

hair:  Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gift – Alice Project [04 Dec]

outfit: [ SAKIDE ] First Frost Outfits F  WITH LOVE HUNT ❤ until December 28th

shoes/skates: PARADISIS Freebie gift : Icy cute skates


On Leviathan:

skin: -Belleza- Thomas v2 SK 5

pull: [ SAKIDE ] First Frost Outfits M  WITH LOVE HUNT (the male part)

pants: **GizzA** AlCapone Black

boots: !!HUSKY GFX!! Cort western boots black (Husky is DragansVarg nowadays, but the slurl is the same and the desginer too)

The snowballfight pose stuff is from cns emotions, its an old one, but you should try your luck and see if you could get one…  here





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