Room69 July, go and get it!

hi there, its July, as we all know and a new round of Room69 is running and i want to show you some stuff you can get there.

The corset is from Sweet Fireflys and the pants are from D-Style, you can get them at the Room69 location for only 69 L$. As well as the bangles from Baubles. The hair with the hood is from CatWa and the shoes ❤ are from Goth1cO.

R69 J

In this picture you see the bikini from Keresma and the horns from Baby Butterfly that you can get at the Room69.

R69 J

And last but not least a beautiful dress from Invader and the shoes from Loordes of London available at Room69.

The hair is from CatWa as well, its the Katniss hair and the skin in all pictures is from Aeva.

R69 J


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