What’s left of me….

I think of the days
I was thrilled by this road ahead
When the moment won over what was to come
Not afraid of the distance but the distance afraid of me
Everytime I made it there I found nothing
The distance was gone

Now, I don’t wanna fade
But I ain’t gonna run
I’m resting my head on these stones
God, what have you done to you and me
I’m tired of scaring the future away
No road ahead, the fire is dead
Father don’t you see in front of you
Is what the chase has left of me

If only they told me
What the kerbside was hiding away
Where the angels from high street didn’t want to go
And a heartbeat is forced
To resign to the glory of a commonplace
I am jaded

Avantasia – What’s left of me


What I’m wearing:

skin: .::WoW Skins::. Ramona @ Designer Circle 

hair: little bones. Nightingale – Hot Mess


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