Hey this is Askara 🙂

Some people inworld call me Voomy, thats why my blog is called Voomynation

Ok… about me… hmmm… what should i tell you?

I’m a secondlife addict, what else? LOL…  mostly you will find me on Live Music Shows… and most of the time at the shows from Anek Fuchs, he is the one i call big brother in second life.

Well, the other part of my time…. SHOPPING!! *giggle* thats what i’m here for, showing you my favorite outfits, freebie finds and so on…

I’m a really communicative person…  so contact me inworld if you have any questions or need a shopping guide 😉

Oh and i’m from germany, but mostly i’m online  like someone from the U.S.,  at that time when normal people are sleeping 😉

The pictures in my blog are all taken by myself and edited by myself. If you are in need of a photographer contact me inworld via notecard or IM, i would love to take pictures from you and your friends 🙂

Alright…  enough talking…  lets do some SHOPPING, i’m getting withdrawls while we are talking *giggle*

See ya inworld

Hugs and Kisses

Askara Voom


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