…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::…@ Winter Fair

The Winter Fair is running and the stuff you get there looks all cozy and perfectly for the cold time of the year.

The stuff in the pics below are from …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… and available at the event only!!


Happy Halloween

from …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::…

there are a few outfits released to make your Halloween costume choice a bit easier 😉

All the outfits in this picture are from BDR and looking awesome, my personal favorite is the catwoman and the black widow outfit.

Take a look at them and HAVE FUN SHOPPING 🙂

Kitty time ;)

Here we are again with Askara as a kitty lol

I love the tails from B.D.R. 🙂

But this time i had to pull it down, cause the pants are damn sexy and i needed to show you the sexy back 🙂

OOOOooooo  before i forget it…  the outfit is the LOW item and its 50 L$ till July 17, later it will be 150 L$

SOOO  Hurry Hurry to get your cheapy version

…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::…

The 4th of July is right in front of us and …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… has made some nice patriotic neko clothing styles.

Have i ever mentioned they have a blog too? NO?? Shame on me ..  take a look right HERE

This is going to be a biiiiiiiiig post…  so get yourself a coffee and enjoy 😉

Go to the beach and have a party…  with this sexy swimwear 😉

Or get patriotic with this sexy mini dress…   see ya at the party 😉

Are you an independent kitty? Well, I AM!!!

I love this boots, they are sooo  adorable 😉

Ok…  and here comes the ultimative patriotic Kitty, take a look at this cute tail 😀

and finally… we have some free stuff you really dont wanna miss 😛

Askara goes Kitty Kitty

Hey hey…  here i am again lol

This time i changed myself to a kitty…  i came across this awesome kitty styles from …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::…

There are a few gifts beside the new release i want to show you. The *B.D.R* Group has 6k members now and the designer put out a special edition, beside this one there is a *Thank you* gift, thats sooo cute, the designer wants to thank all the costumers for the support 🙂 AND there is the monthly Group Gift for May.

All awesome kitty style…

AND NOW…  here comes the new release…  kitty outfit as well…  i’m in love with it… i know i say that every second outfit… but THIS TIME…  i really love it…  😉

and as we are talking about kittys…  my hubby showed me a video at youtube…  thats sooo funny…  if you have a cat like we have, you really have to take a look at it…   and take a look at the other stuff from this funny guy and his cat 🙂