Wanted, dead or alive

You want me

It’s all the same
Only the names will change
It seems we’re wastin’ away

Another place
Where the faces are so cold
I drive all night
Just to get back home

I’m a cowboy
On a steel horse I ride
I’m wanted
Dead or alive
Dead or alive

Bon Jovi – Wanted

come and get me

What I’m wearing:

skin:  Lumae :: Adore – 4 – Peach // Bare

hair: (r)M Hair, No.34’15 (Redheads)

dress: [ SAKIDE ] Slide Dress Wanted @ The 100 Block

boots: [ SAKIDE ] Podium Boots @ The 100 Block

knife holster:[BODY FACTORY] Legend Knife Holster (Black)

tattoo (uper body): .Inhale. Carnage Tattoo {Dark Version} @ RAFF 2015



‘Call me a sinner, call me a saint’


Wrap me in a bolt of lightning
Send me on my way still smiling
Maybe that’s the way I should go
Straight into the mouth of the unknown

I left a spare key on the table
I never really thought I’d be able
To say I merely visit on the weekends
I lost my whole life and a dear friend

I’ve said it so many times
I would change my ways
No, nevermind
God knows I’ve tried

Call me a sinner, call me a saint
Tell me it’s over, I’ll still love you the same
Call me your favorite, call me the worst
Tell me it’s over, I don’t want you to hurt
It’s all that I can say, so I’ll be on my way

Shinedown – Call Me


What I’m wearing:

skin: Lumae :: Jewel – 4 – Peach // Bare

hair:  [RunAway] Talice V2 Hair – Reds

top: :: Delirium-Style – Knotty T-Shirt w.HUD ::

pants:  Tameless Sweetie Outfit – Black

bracelets: :: Delirium-Style – Captured – Mystic

facechain: ~Soedara~ Black Face Chain Captured Snake

tattoo: .Inhale. Carnage Tattoo {Dark Version} @ RAFF 2015


‘Feel the sadness burning in my heart’


Feel the sadness burning in my heart
You left to early father love
So many things I should have said
But in you mind you knew it well
Holding on to what I got and love
But things still seems so dark and cold
The fire is burning down my happiness
But I will rise

So proud and strong you truly was
I took it with me as a tool
A gift from father to his only son
Watching over me with eagle eyes
You gave me freedom to a life
where dreams are born and truly became real

Volbeat – Fallen


What I’m wearing:

skin: .::WoW Skins::. V2 Magda Golden @ OLALA

hair: [RunAway] Amelia Dreads

top: Foxes – Throw Back and Tied – Denim Black @ Uber

jeans: ::  Delirium-Style – Bell Bottom Jeans Mega Pack V.2

tattoo: .Inhale. Carnage Tattoo {Dark Version} @ RAFF 2015


Close your eyes

Close your eyes
Let me tell you the reasons why
Think you’re one of a kind.
Here’s to you
The one that I suppose is true
Do what you got to do
You’re one of a kind
Thank god your mine.
You’re an angel dressed in armor
You’re the fair in every fight
You’re my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night
And if my love is blind
I don’t want to see the light.
It’s your beauty that betrays you
Your smile gives you away.
Cause you’re made of strength and mercy
And my soul is yours to save
And when this much is true
When my world was dark and blue
I know the only one who rescued me was you

Michael Buble – Close your eyes

Close your eyes

What I’m wearing:

skin: Lumae :: Adore – Priestess @ We Love Roleplay

hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Faux dreads – Namiriel – Naturals II @ We Love Roleplay

dress: :[P]:- Arona Dress:// Shine @ We Love Roleplay

boots: FDD *Endless* (GACHA RARE)

tattoo: .Inhale. Carnage Tattoo {Dark Version} @ RAFF 2015


Oops i did it again

job is done

Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know
that something wasn’t right here
Oh baby baby, I shouldn’t have let you go
and now you’re out of sight, yeah
show me how you want it to be
tell me baby cuz I need to know now, oh because

My loneliness is killin me (and I)
I must confess I still believe (still believe)
When I’m not with you I lose my mind
give me a sign, hit me baby one more time!

Oh baby baby, the reason I breathe is you
Boy you’ve got me blinded
Oh pretty baby, there’s nothin that I wouldn’t do
that’s not the way I planned it

Oops i did it again – Britney Spears


oops, is that my fault that he crashed and died?

Well his blood was really tasty, so no worries on my side 😉

I LOVE the vampire style and i really like that style on me

ups, my fault

What I’m wearing:

skin: .::WoW Skins::: V2 Enya Tan @ Designer Circle

hair: little bones. Hollywood – Reds @ Uber

top: [ S H O C K ] Physique – Delicious Crochet Top

@ Whore Cotoure Fair

skirt: ***ArisAris AA76 ~Commprising Skirts

armor: [R3] – Steampunk Armour (Female) [V3]

boots: FDD Stories *Donovan of Arena* (male outfit) Event starting 5th April

knife holster:[BODY FACTORY] Legend Knife Holster (Black)

tattoo: .Inhale. Carnage Tattoo {Dark Version} @ RAFF 2015

mask: [BODY FACTORY] Urban Cyber Mask @ Whore Cotoure Fair