here comes another round of MyShoppingBag..  as always..  i cant show you all the stuff…  BUT take a look at the blog ( url is in the Designer Index)

So, here we go…  lets start with the amazing creation of FA Creations..  looks really springy.. love the colors

Next up is the SE Designz creation…  its a nice purple.. dont ya think?

Next we have two things up in…  ok the first one you can see in the pictures before as well, its the skin from Ci Co, a really light skin..  but looks cute 🙂

The other stuff as you can see is the creation of JD Design, bracelet and necklace

AND last but not least comes a really cutie…  a puppy *girly scream* in a bag *girly scream**giggles her ass off*

comes from Graffitiwear


MyShoppingBag News

And another session starts…  i show you a few creations of the awesome designer who are at the project this time 🙂

For the whole list of designer, take a look at the blog.

Lets start with this awesome sexy red dress from Trendstyle, its perfect for a combination with the necklace from JD Design.

The next designer is FA Creations, with a hot spanish like outfit 😉

And last but not least, lets get back to school days with SE Designz 🙂

Hope you enjoy your shopping trip..  you can find all this outfits and alot more at the MyShoppingBag location, slurl in the Designer Index.



And another week starts…   with great designers as always….

Lets start with [SE*Designz] the item from this designer is the jeans you see in the picture below

Lets take a look at the awesome jewelery from JD Designs

And here you see the necklace from the back view…  its a long one 😉

And last but not least i show you the outfit from Graffitiwear

As always i cant show you all the awesome stuff from this weeks round… so take a look at the blog

You can find all this stuff at the MyShoppingBag location and the slurl you find in the Designer Index 😉


Not MyShoppingBag stuff:

Hair: Emotions – Annika/ E – play

skin: Mynerva – Kianna worn with freckels from Mynerva( sold seperatly)

*MyShoppingBag* Newness

hey ladies 🙂

Another week of *MyShoppingBag* has started and i show you one of the outfits… its from FA Creations, the necklace and earrings are from *EED* another designer that is participating this week.

Style Facts:

clothes, boots and bracelet: FA Creations @ *MyShoppingBag*

earrings and necklace: *EED* @ *MyShoppingBag*

hair: NEW Magika – Paisley

skin: Mynerva – Kianna 5

freckles: Mynerva – Hundreds and Thousands ( on tattoo layer)

*MyShoppingBag* again

hihi… this time i’m in time   🙂

i show you two of the three new items from *MyShoppingBag*, if you want to see a full list of this amazing event… take a look at the blog 🙂

soooo…  this time i show you FA Creations again, in a really pretty yellow/ black

AND…  an outfit from Silhouette-LaceratedBlack

The two dresses you find at the *MyShoppingBag* location

The other style facts:

skin: L.Fauna – {Lapine . Tan 1} [Fresh]

hair:  pic one: Truth – Rayne pic two: Analog Dog – dive(left) and ash(right)

boots: pic one: League – Shin Boots pic two: BAX –  Prestige Boots Black Leather


Alright, i’m late this time… but hey… the outfits in the vendors for 2 weeks, so you have enough time to get them ;o)

To see the pictures for the next week, take a look at the official blog you can find it here.

I show you two of the great outfits you can get there for only 77 L$

First one is from Bombshell Outfitters called Naughty minidress.

Its great to get the guys crazy 😉

The jewelery is from *JD* Designs and is from *MyShoppingBag* as well

The second outfit is from FA Creations, looks a bit like a hippie dress. And i love it!!

Non ShoppingBag items:

skin: [PF] Ember <Chai> – Scene

hair: TRUTH HAIR – Neve / =mach= Opening Group Gift

feets: slink – Jolie Pied Barefeet Low

shoes: N-core PRELUDE Xtreme Heels white (past group gift)

Sexy… sexy

Ok… now its time for some sexy undies… i mean its not that long till V-day…  get some sexy, hot and awesome looking stuff ladies and be the present for your Love 🙂

One of the best Negligee designer is Blacklace and if you could take a look at my inventory, you would find alot of stuff from Blacklace

But you couldnt take a look at my inventory *phew*

o.O before i forget it…  as i told you there has started another week of *MyShoppingBag* and i show you an awesome skin from [-yo-], its only 77 L$, a good deal for all the skin addicts out there 😉

So let me show you one of my favs

is it sexy or what? *giggle*

Style facts:

skin: [-yo-] – skin dina black make up part of *MyShoppingBack*

hair: Truth – Mena

eyes: ::UH::KOi-Crazy for you  part of the Cupid Hearts hunt, runs till Feb 14th

negligee (includes stockings, garter and gloves) : ~Blacklace~ Leah

shoes: Maitreya Gold Allure-Tights Black