Nothing else that you can do, to turn it back……

Clock is ticking while I’m killing time
Spinning all around
Nothing else that you can do
To turn it back
Wicked partnership in this crime
Ripping off the best
Condescending smile trying to forget (Wasting my time)
We’re falling right through
Lying to forget (Telling more lies)
We’re raising our truth
Go on and tease me

Clock is ticking while I’m stealing time
Can’t you turn it back?
Stop the cycle
Let it free and run away
Silent sneaking along my path
Rugged the road
But we feel it like we’re flying

Trying to forget (Wasting my time)
We’re falling right through
Lying to forget (Telling more lies)
We’re raising our truth

Lacuna Coil – Our Truth


What I’m wearing:

skin: .::WoW Skins::. V2 Stella GG JULY 2015

hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Pretty reckless I – Redheads

dress: *X*plosion LBD Fitted Mesh (Black)

tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Diwali :: MM15008 ::

blood tattoo: *elymode*  lips-dripping-blood tattoo layers

facestrap: ::Tabou Irresistible:: Grunge Face strap – Black Silver

fangs from the bloodlines vampire hud




Time for some Rockabilly ;)

hi there,

do you remember the petticoat time? I’m not, way to young for that….   but i love this style…  have a petticoat in real life too and its stunning!

Now i show you some items from Xplosion that you can get at the Rockabilly Fair, it start on Sunday November 3rd.

Xplosion Rochabilly


stlyling facts:

skin: Aeva // Amelia Skin ~ Tone 2

hair: *X*plosion Dorothy Hair (left) @ TRFF & [Underscore] Kitaru Hair

dresses both from Xplosion you can get it at the TRFF

shoes: Latreia – Peggy @ TRFF

A peaceful day

Egoisme Progressive


hello hello….

its Askara again 🙂

I have been online alot today cause i have a twisted ankle and the doctor said i shouldn’t walk alot.

So, what better way to spend the day as sit on the sofa and walk around the grid. 😉

Have you heard about the molten mesh from Egoisme? Its pretty cool it fits your body shape nearly perfect, read more about it at the Egoisme website .

So, the dresses you get to see in the following pictures are from Egoisme called Progressive Minidress. The hair is the newest release from *X*plosion, in the 1st pic you see the Jackie version and in the two other pics its the JayDee hair, its a unisex hair.

The skin is from Aeva, its the newest group gift and you can find it in the VIP group in the notices.

Egoisme Progressive #3

Egoisme Progressive #2

Another LotD

hi there, another Look of the Day, or fill in an ultra cool title 😉

So, let me show you some stuff that you can get at the Designer Circle at the moment, it runs till August 3rd, so hurry if you like it 🙂


And here is close up, i really like this face 😉



styling facts:

skin: .::WoW Skins::. Daisy Skin @ Desginer Circle

hair: *X*plosion Riva Hair

top & skirt from Bellamissimo @ Desginer Circle


Look of the day

hi there, i show you my look for today….  i just love this style 🙂

Look of the Day July 29th


Styling facts:

skin: Aeva // Flora Skin ~ Tone 2 // Natural @ Love DonnaFlora

i just love her face, its so cute, will be my new daily skin 😉

hair: *ARGRACE* Straw Fedora/Chloe – Coppers

I really wish i could weat a Fedora in rl, but my face is to moony 😉 *giggle*

hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual

I love them, they are a must have for everyone that takes pictures in second life, it makes it look much more realistic.

top: *X*plosion Female Tee (LastCleanOne)

Oh yes! This the newest release from Xplosion, looks awesome, dont ya think? There are alot other versions that you can get at the mainstore, but this is my fav 😉

skirt: D-Style – Mia Mini w.HUD

Tiny little skirt, but not the shortest in my virtual closet, it comes with a hud and you have alot of choices.

shoes: DuckNipple Mesh: Mary Jane Pumps – Black

Well, you know that i LOVE shoes 😉

ring: BastChild “Trinity” Womens Plati Wedding Set

Thats my wedding ring, i usually take it off for photos, but lately i dont want to, it just looks fantastic with the mesh hands, on my mind.

One of these days….

Sad day

Today is one of these days when i sit around too much and just think….

One year ago my Dad in law died, totally unexpected and i cant believe that we live a year without him and my mother in law that died two weeks after him.

They filled up my life, i cared about mummy, she had demencia and i loved it, well from time to time i hated her for scratching me and screaming at me and so on…  but in the end i loved her and her hubby alot. It was a shock and last year was a sad one. But it flew away and here we are…  one year gone!!

Well lets get back to what we are here for…   FASHION!!!

In the picture above you really cant see anything, i know..  but its the mirror to my mood 😦

So, below is another one 😉

The hair is from Xplosion, called Jules, you can get it at the HairFair. The pants are from D-Style, lovely huh? And this awesome bikini top is from Gizza, i love it, looks so fresh.

Hands and feets are from Slink and the skin is from Aeva, you can get the Appeliers for the Slink stuff at the Aeva mainstore.

D-Style Xplosion Gizza

Biker Girl

hey ladies,

dont ya like the feeling of leather on your skin, i do and i love bikes! Well, motorbikes…. omg,they are hot as hell! 😉

Here is a result of a shooting i did today….  i love this overall from Xplosion its so sexy.

Xplosion Bike

styling card:

skin:[PF] Alena <Vanilla> – Azure

hair: .ploom. Meschell – Indecisive

overall: *X*plosion (Update) NEW Cushy Overall LEATHER

feets:[Gos] Boutique – Barefeet – Flat